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Margaux V.
Margaux V.
Reliability, completeness, accuracy of data Data Impact will help you : - to measure your ND precisely, like any other software - to identify the eRetailers / websites of those eRetailers that you need to target in order to improve your ND - to give you the tools to monitor and support your sales forces - to measure the position of our product, your share pof search, the keywords that work best with your product, track the media activity of our competitiors, measure your promotional duplication ... - the account manager adapts to your problem and helps you find a solution, almost like a Nielsen consultant ☺what I like the most is: - Reliability, completeness, accuracy of data - the level I can go to (at website level), - they cover a wide range of digital KPIs essential to understand the business - support by a specialized and competent person ☹what I like least is: - the way of keeping and navigating to find old lists
Anaïde C.
Anaïde C.
A powerful tool with an insightful customer service Super satisfied of the service provide by DataImpact tools and the strong added value of the team ☺> Service and insights provided by the team > Large set of data (distribution, e-merch, activation, retailers...) > Data accuracy > Tracking tools ☹> An opportunity to improve the ergonomic design of the platform ?
Peter S.
Peter S.
Digital Shelf Management Expansion Expertise Expanding on Data Impact to more retailers and taking it nationally was very simple. Onboarding and additional retailer set up was quick and were able to onboard a lot of new users quickly to the platform. Liked the flexibility in retailer coverage, modules included, and custom reporting we can do for various teams ☺Client services and support for any/all users Flexibility in Scope, roll out, and support for our business Robust tool that handles a lot of cross functional teams e-commerce needs/responsibilities Efficient pricing and good retailer coverage ☹As the tool expands would like more alerts set up so we are not proactively pulling as many reports as we have been

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